We machine brakes and flywheels

Disc, Drum & Flywheel Machining

Over time, your brake discs/drums will develop an uneven surface from brake wear and tear. When you come in for a brake pad replacement, our mechanics will also measure the disc/drum thickness to ensure it meets the manufacturer’s specifications.

If a disc/drum replacement is not required, we’ll machine the surface to its initial condition. This also allow the new pad to compress properly and help it last longer. We also provide flywheel machining to help resolve clutch slipping, non-release and shudder problems, as well as new clutch installations.

Stainless Steel Cylinder Resleeving

If your classic vehicle has been sitting in the garage for a while, your cylinders may rust or corrode due to the brake fluid. While aftermarket parts can be a quick way to fix the problem, they are often poor quality and can devalue your vintage car. Our skilled technicians will re-sleeve your brake cylinders using a high grade stainless steel. Using stainless steel ensures your brakes will go far into the future.

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